Gee Willikers, Heavens to Betsy

It’s weigh-in Wednesday! I hopped on the scale this morning expecting the worst. But somehow, despite the enormous dinner I ate last night, I managed to lose two pounds. My total weight loss is four pounds and my new weight is 282.

Yesterday, realizing I had no cash and a ¬†nicotine habit, I decided to sell some things I had laying around. I don’t smoke but I do vape. I found a shop with e-liquid, 30 ml for $7.99. By the time I was done selling, I had made $15 more than I needed and it was two hours past dinner. Hunger and extra cash led to a regrettable decision. I’m positive that if I had not eaten the great quantity of takeout that I did, my weigh in would’ve been even better.

Eating food I prepare at home has done wonders for my habit of binge eating. It’s almost impossible to binge when there’s nothing at the ready to stuff into my face hole. I say almost because if I truly want to, I could always cook something. Luckily I’m too lazy to do this. See, laziness does come in handy!

As I ate my double cheeseburger last night, I was amazed at how full I felt. I had forgotten the feeling of eating to an uncomfortable fullness. The discomfort lasted an hour or so. I can’t believe that I ate that way for over twenty years.

Instead of the $.89(?) I had planned, I spent $12 on dinner last night. This number has wiped the smile from my face. But this is a work in progress, so I’ll take this as a lesson learned.



M.C. Hammerpants, Esq.

I’m kind of hesitant to talk about this week’s menu. Because there isn’t one. The menu I meticulously planned out for February went well for three weeks. But likely due to the fact that I accidentally cooked too many portions of some things and left an entire pot of beans to rot in the fridge, I’ve run out of key ingredients for this week. I won’t be seeing any cash until Friday, so I’m having to be creative.

Sunday: My mom went to a barbecue and brought me and my daughter a plate to share. Cost: $0.00

Monday: Chicken enchiladas w/white sauce. Half a pound of chicken: $.54. Four ounces plain yogurt: $.75. Four ounces French onion dip: $.25. Half a cup shredded cheese: $1.25. 6 corn tortillas: I don’t actually know because the ones I used have been sitting in the freezer since the dawn of tortillas. Two tablespoons of green chili sauce: idk, like $.15? Total cost for six enchiladas, $2.94, plus whatever 6 corn tortillas are going for these days. (For being made of odds and ends these enchiladas were delicious.)

Tuesday: Chicken fideo. Half a pound of chicken ($.54) and one pack of fideo ($.33). Can’t beat dinner for eighty-seven cents! I may throw in a flour tortilla, but these have also been in the freezer a good while, so I don’t remember the cost.

I’ll stop there as I haven’t thought up Wednesdays dinner yet. Now that I have menus on my mind, I’m realizing I need to start budgeting and planning March’s menu. I’m hoping, as I’m armed with information from the nutritionist, that I can make March a better month.