Mambo Number Five

I’m not going to bother waiting until Wednesday, I’ll just give you the goods right now. I gained all my weight back. Granted, it was only four pounds, but I was proud of my four little pounds. 

March has been miserable and it was my own doing. I never made a monthly menu and I spent all my money as soon as it came into my hands. 

But it hasn’t been completely bad. I’ve been engaging with friends in real life as opposed to on social media. I’ve made the menu for April as well as a shopping list for ingredients. I actually used the budget app that I downloaded and budgeted my finances until January of next year. I’m taking steps to put my life back on track and I feel more in control.

Last but not least, I’ve decided to try the ketogenic diet yet again. I’ll still be making everything at home, I just feel like I need to accelerate the weight loss process. Yes, it’s a bit more costly, but I cut certain other things from my life to make this possible.

Now comes the hard part: getting through the next two weeks before I go grocery shopping again. I’m impatient. And poor. I’ve got tuna to get me through, thankfully. And a couple of chickens for my daughter’s dinners, plus rice and pasta. I’ll update when I have good news.


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