My Blogging Finger

Not bad for $23.69.

Not bad for $23.69.

All of my entries are done by my index finger. It’s true. My only internet access is on my phone. My preferred input method is Swype. This has led to some frustration, a little gnashing of teeth. A bit of cursing, even.

To begin with, my phone disagrees with WordPress about how much of the website I should be allowed to see. I chose this theme because out of the many themes offered (hundreds? billions? I have no way of knowing), this one loaded the fastest. I live in a rural area where WiFi isn’t offered. Also, whether I’m in portrait or landscape mode, I can’t fully see the options available to me. I know they’re there, I can see hints of them, but I can’t actually click them. I’d love to be able to upload some pictures, as I went shopping* today with a gift card, but that would require a new entry for each item. I’d like to do a step by step of recipes with photos once in a while, but I don’t have the option.

Another joy of phone blogging is editing. If I change my mind about what I’ve written and I attempt to move my cursor, the entire wall of text shifts to somewhere I didn’t ask it to go. Why? Why would you do that? So I have to scroll back to where I can see my cursor or blindly type and hope for the best. God forbid I should edit my post after I’ve actually published it. Half the time the visual option will not load and the other option (I forget what it’s called but I’ll be damned if I’m going to check) is, while not impossible, a total drag to figure out.

I thought I was clever one day and downloaded an app for writing. I wrote an entire blog, peacefully and simply, and cut it with the intention of pasting it into WordPress. DENIED! Though I’m not sure if that’s a phone thing or a WordPress policy to discourage plagiarism.

*And now for the shopping. I’m perpetually broke but I remembered I had a gift card for $25 from my birthday and a Christmas gift from the same store that I wanted to return. With the return of the gift, I got my kid a pair of pink Converse high-tops, on super sale. I really wanted a purse in a bright Spring color but the only ones I found desirable ranged from $85 to $100. I have no business having expensive taste, but I figure it’s better to buy no purse than to buy one I hate. I decided to attack the clearance sections and after an hour of digging I walked out with:

  • A pretty coral blouse that’s very flattering, 40% off
  • Matching coral earrings, 40% off also
  • Sally Hansen Triple Shine nail polish in a summery orange color called Play Koi, regular price
  • An earring tree to hang my earrings, 40% off
  • And the sweetest weekly desk calendar. It looks like a hardcover journal and I paid a grand total of $1.18 for it (you guessed it, 40% off).

If I can manage to edit this post to include ONE picture of all my  items, I will. For now I’m going to bask in the glow of my retail therapy.

Edit: I did it! I think.


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